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1000 heads, my illustration book

Inspiring books for the creative type


Masters of Water-Colour Painting

Masters of Water-Colour Painting.
The Project Gutenberg digital edition of a book published early in the XX century (1922-23). Includes colour plates of the reproduced works.


The palette of the ocean: a watercolor animated film

What a beautiful and creative animated short. According to the artist and filmmaker, Will Kim, a recently graduated student from Cal Arts, every frame is painted by watercolor paint and basically the author scanned all the painted frames and connect all the frames. Kim also shares other creations on his Youtube page.

The palette of the Ocean will be screened at the 5th San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, February 1-3, 2008 at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center.

2008 in the winter sky

This is the e-postcard I've sent to my friends and colleagues this year: it comes with a brief note telling that the mediterranean winter sky looks like this, these days.
This time I've used a recently discovered painting program called Rendera. It's quite fast and I love its watercolour-like brush effects.


My obsession with chess

Could you ever imagine so many works of art, photography and miscellaneous curiosities related to chess?

Found in Crystalpunk: Boardological Blackguardism. Who are these people?

Crystalpunk is a simpleton stampede, a coxcomb carnival, a daydreamers cabal, a platitude-peddling potlatch, a nihilists ambulation on tiptoe, an incantation of the language in the corners of your eyes, a wild farrago of those who run before they can walk, an ABD of being Free from the NOW! NOW! NOW! We wear non-matching socks: that is who we are!
The title of this post has been lifted from Scott McCloud, who in the comic with the same title recounts his childhood and adult addiction to the world of grids, knights, and checkmates.

Der Totentanz (Hans Holbein dem Jüngeren)

The dance of the dead (Der Totentanz), illustrated by Hans Holbein the Younger, a recent addition to the Project Gutenberg ebooks repository. Acceptable resolution images. Here.

There is a recent trend in posting illustrated books in the Project Gutenberg, with some remarkable findings. You can subscribe their RSS feed to keep up to date with new releases.


Lucy Willis

Lucy Willis is a watercolour artist. She uses the properties of watercolour to study light, space and shadows. Her works are exhibited online in the "image library" of her website, and also in the Portraits section.
The Architecture works in the image library shows scenes from around the world with a very special treatment of colour and shadows. Other sections include gardens, landscapes, interiors...
Willis has published several books that should be of interest for Acuarela readers: Travels with watercolour and Light in watercolour and Light: how to see it, how to paint it:


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