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Joanne Greenbaum

I like the style of Joanne Greenbaum: both her colour choices and the accumulation of seemingly unconnected shapes, signs and doodles build up and create surprising and appealing works. See some of her paintings at the Saatchi Gallery.

Joanne Greenbaum’s playful abstractions approach painting with a sense of liberation. Primarily concerned with the formalism of plastic arts, her canvases don’t follow proscribed formulas of conventional painting, but rather continuously test and expand the possibilities by which painting can evolve. In Poster, Joanne Greenbaum’s graphic composition unfolds with its own rules of logic: bold shapes and colours are mapped out and dissected by the improbable blueprint of their design. Joanne Greenbaum’s diagram motif acts as both a structural device and an extension of her painterly consumption; her delicately drawn lines exhibit a contemplated intimacy and dimension of fantastical space, suggesting an inexhaustible microcosm of illusionary delight.
Read a short interview with the artist and find out more on Artnet and the D'Amelio Terras gallery.

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