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1000 heads, my illustration book

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My obsession with chess

Could you ever imagine so many works of art, photography and miscellaneous curiosities related to chess?

Found in Crystalpunk: Boardological Blackguardism. Who are these people?

Crystalpunk is a simpleton stampede, a coxcomb carnival, a daydreamers cabal, a platitude-peddling potlatch, a nihilists ambulation on tiptoe, an incantation of the language in the corners of your eyes, a wild farrago of those who run before they can walk, an ABD of being Free from the NOW! NOW! NOW! We wear non-matching socks: that is who we are!
The title of this post has been lifted from Scott McCloud, who in the comic with the same title recounts his childhood and adult addiction to the world of grids, knights, and checkmates.

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