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New palette

I have reused an old student-quality gouache box with detachable pans for a selection of tube watercolours. I find it is more practical to have a selection of pans ready to use without bothering to open and close tubes. Most of the paints in this selection are single pigments. Starting from the top to the bottom, alternating from left to right, they are:

  1. PY3 (Arylide yellow)
  2. PY154 (Benzimida yellow)
  3. PY153 (New gamboge)
  4. PO20 (Cadmium orange)
  5. PR108 (Cadmium scarlet)
  6. PR209 (Quinacridone red)
  7. PR264 (Organic vermilion)
  8. PV15 (Ultramarine Violet)
  9. PB29 (Ultramarine blue)
  10. PB28 (Cobalt blue)
  11. PB36 (Cerulean blue)
  12. PB15 (Phtalo blue)
  13. PB36 (Turquoise cobalt blue)
  14. PG18 (Viridian)
  15. PG7 (Phtalo green)
  16. Bright green
  17. PY43 (Yellow ochre)
  18. PBr7 (Raw Umber)
  19. PBr7 (Burnt Sienna)
  20. PBr7 (Burnt Umber)
  21. PR101 (Indian red- iron oxide red)
  22. PR179 (Perylene maroon)
  23. PO48 (Quinacridone burnt orange)
  24. Naples yellow (mix of PO62 and PY43)
Some other favourite colours have been left out of this particular palette, but they are still near at hand: for example quinacridone magenta, cobalt teal blue (very similar to the turquoise blue), raw sienna, and some more.

1 comment:

doudy said...

Very nice palette and colors, but can't understand what's a single pigments color? for example Burnt sienna is not a mixture of few colors ? By the way I like your Blog a lot. If you don't mind, could I in the future ask you about tips and advices in painting ?? this will help me a lot, especially with mixing colors.
thanx in advance


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