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Some Monotypes

These are a few monotypes I've been creating these days (you can click any of the pics to see a bigger example of each.)I have used some spare oil paint tubes, instead of etching- or woodcut ink. I don't paint much in oil lately and I wanted to try them for this.
I haven't used the press. Just a ceramic tile to spread the paint (mixed with some linseed oil to make it more liquid). Then, using a spoon I transfered the monotype to a damp sheet of paper.
And here are some closeups:


Granpatranha said...

lovely idea, that gives us some help (poor old us with no printing facilities nearby). The effect is very nice, like a proper aquatint

Joan said...

Yes, no need for printing facilities at all: any hard, flat surface as plate (a tile, glass, acetate, plastic...) and the back of a table spoon to press. :-)

4ojos said...

ahora sería interesante escanear estos monotipos y trabajar encima con el photoshop


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