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What font is this?

I've been asked about the font in the header of this blog. This is a font I made myself, and it's based on my own hand lettering.
I called this font Cartelia (cartel = poster in spanish) because it was obviously a candidate for big lettering uses, although it also looks good at smaller sizes and it's quite readable, which makes it ideal for brochures, tags and other applications. Here is another sample of the font in use:This font is available from a typography project, Typephases, where you can get several freeware fonts (also offered at selected online font archives) or purchase some exclusive fonts and dingbats:


Fossfor said...

this font is really nice, thank you for sharing it!

doudy said...

Nice Font, very creative !!

Lily said...

Thank you,Mercis ! ...not for this post in particular, but for what I discover/learn/enjoy here,'Acuarela' ! :o)
...there 's a "freedom" in what I see on your blog which is very stimulating... !
It is very precious!


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