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Artist proof: acrylics and ink in digital

Artist Proof is a very nicely packaged and presented collection of patterns and designs by House Industries. Find out more in the product page and related products like the Artist proof 2 package, the Artist proof cards and 20-card combo. The product pages display the ink and acrylic images, usage examples and a nice PDF booklet.

It's just like those guys brought their brushes, paints and ink over to your place. These huge images ship on two DVDs with enough resolution to work everywhere from tiny color classified ads to gigantic high-speed bullet train wraps. Includes 50 Artist Proof Ink and 50 Artist Proof Acrylic images. Ink images are saved as bitmapped tiff files at 1200 dots per inch at an average size of 8.5 x 11 inches. Acrylic images are saved as jpeg CMYK files at 350 dots per inch at an average size of 14 x 22 inches.

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