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Changing the pasteboard

Taken from my current sketchbook, this is about changing the paper pinned to the large pasteboards in my drawing-computer studio.
Click the picture to see a bigger version.
Some photos of these pasteboards are shown elsewhere in my Flickr space!


Up here in my tree

A page from my current sketchbook.
The orange background colour added later in the computer.
This could make a decent book cover, woudn't it?
You can see a bigger version —just click the image.


See. Be. Draw

I have just discovered See. Be. Draw, a blog full of very good articles about watercolour and, well, better explained in Anna's (the blogger) words:

Mindful artwork [Delicate pen-and-ink drawings and juicy watercolors, Technical information about art materials, Step-by-step tutorials, The creative process] – The link between art and meditation - The business of art.
Too bad the blog hasn't a RSS feed, but I recommend you bookmark it and read the many interesting articles about watercolour, colour mixing, painting process...


Secundaris: a new comic strip series

Secundaris is a new strip I will be publishing starting in May, 25 on the cultural magazine L'Espira. Written by my friend J. Salvà, it's a very diverse and acid commentary on ordinary characters, those you probably get to know quite well in your daily life.

This illustration is the first panel of one of the strips, with my translation (the originals will be published in catalan this first time.) This particular strip, of course, deals with the widespread misuse of the Comic Sans font.

The artwork in the panels has been created in watercolour (50 x 14 centimetres, roughly twice the size of the final printed strips.)

The companion blog, secundaris.com, will feature some translations of the strips, unpublished sketches and extra materials.

An invitation to dinner

A colleague has just asked me a simple illustration for a dinner event and after some doodling in my notebook, this is what I've come up with:
Although this is not such an intimate affair, we feel free to suggest otherwise :-)
After cleanup, level adjusting and vectorizing in Inkscape, I have a crisp version we can use in any size we wish for final posters and other printed matter:
(You can click either image to see a bigger version.)


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