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Secundaris: a new comic strip series

Secundaris is a new strip I will be publishing starting in May, 25 on the cultural magazine L'Espira. Written by my friend J. Salvà, it's a very diverse and acid commentary on ordinary characters, those you probably get to know quite well in your daily life.

This illustration is the first panel of one of the strips, with my translation (the originals will be published in catalan this first time.) This particular strip, of course, deals with the widespread misuse of the Comic Sans font.

The artwork in the panels has been created in watercolour (50 x 14 centimetres, roughly twice the size of the final printed strips.)

The companion blog, secundaris.com, will feature some translations of the strips, unpublished sketches and extra materials.

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Alina Chau said...

Lovely style!


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