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Books like this are very appealing to me because they feature no-limits creations (yes, sometimes this can be self-indulgent, but...)

Black & White Freedrawings is a recently published book: a unique exploration of collaborative drawingwith no restrictions, predefined themes or guidelines. At the same time these drawings are not a preliminary sketch, but the final artwork. In 132 pages filled with freedrawing collaborations the artists take you on a journey through the process of collaboration, showcasing their personal illustrations and working spaces.

The book companion website features samples of the reproduced artwork, the online shop and links to the websites of participating artists.

Of course, another reason why I love this kind of drawings is my own tendency to draw improvisations with accumulations of shapes and stuff:

Specifications: Black & White Freedrawings is 132 pages, 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 in), featuring over 160 illustrations and over 100 photos. It comes with an additional yellow dustcover that can double as a poster, and is eco-friendly produced . ISBN: 978-90-811226-2-7.

Discovered thanks to a post in the website of one of the contributors, Von Glitschka, whose Illustration class is a priceless resource for aspiring digital illustrators!

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steve said...

Very cool--thanks for the info here!


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