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Painting Demo

Paris breakfasts is one of our favourite blogs, and a visit we have recommended here before. In Paris breakfasts Carol Gillott posts charming watercolours and photos, most of them related to her parisian sojourns. In the post called DIY Painting Demo you can see a step-by-step rendition of one of her peculiar still lifes.

I love especially the way she paints the shadows, always with an interesting mix of cold and warm pigments. Using sedimentary (granulating) pigments such as cobalt or ultramarine blue, Gillott creates watercolours with an immediate appeal, full of interesting texture and colour.

Click the picture to visit this particular post.

1 comment:

ParisBreakfasts said...

THANKS Acuarela for the headsup!
I love your site adn the info you provide.
All the best,


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