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Vijay Kakde

Vijay Kakde is an excellent watercolourist I have just discovered in Flickr, as he (?) posts his pictures there. The subjects are mostly landscapes in India.

His (or her—the profile doesn't give more details) works have everything a good watercolour should have: bright, clean and spontaneous colour, an awesome sense of space and light, and just the necessary, minimal definition of shapes in a very bold style.


andycobain said...

I love this blog!
with many examples!!!
Amo las acuarelas!

Anonymous said...

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Milan Rubio said...

Magnífico, inspirador y completo blog!
Visita obligada, me acabo de suscribir a las entradas!
Me ha sobrepasado la cantidad de información que tienes por aquí. Enhorabuena y gracias!

4ojos said...

Tiene mucha mano pero me resulta todo demasiado controlado. Parece que tiene pillado el truquillo y le da miedo moverse de él

Paul Giambarba said...

You're a good art director. You picked one of his best, and he's very good.


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