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Youtubers! and watercolors

Youtube is an amazing repository of art-related shorts, for example the delicious Enrique Flores travel journals we commented sometime ago.

Do you love sketchbooks, like I do? There are plenty of very interesting Youtube videos showing moleskines, notebooks, travel sketchbooks and whatnot. For example, perform a search for “Moleskine” and dozens of interesting videos will appear, letting you take a look at the ideas, sketches, curiosities, visual notes and whimsies of the owners, like MattiasA.

Xtian shows his illustration process with a wacom tablet. Very instructive! His videos make me feel using the tablet more. Here's an example.

On Youtube, many watercolours take shape on your screen. Just search and see a bunch of demonstrations, lessons and tutorials. Curiously enough, searching the american and british spelling of watercolo(u)r gives different sets of results. Here's the results page for the british spelling.

Do you want to know how artists’ quality paints are made? See this video from Daniel Smith, whose tutorials we already commented here before.

Other arts-related searches worth trying include sketchbook, drawing + journal, acrylic, speed painting... use your own queries and you will find lots of interesting stuff. Please share it here if you find something extra good!

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