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Wordle and colour charts

Copying the paint names from a colour chart and pasting in Wordle (see the previous post) you get something like these nice examples. Hmm... Should I tweak the colours to match their names?
There's a lot of things you can do with these typographic compositions. If you print the generated layout on your pdf-printer (such as PDFforge) you get a nice and crisp vector file you can further edit to your heart's content, save copies and and print it at any size.


Who’s afraid of Comic Sans

Our “Secondaries” strip for the second week of July. This one deals with the usual suspect of typographic misuse, Comic Sans. More on the strip blog, Secondaries.


Wordle is great fun

Alas, this is yet another fancy time-waster. But I love the results of this impressive typographic layout generator: Wordle.

You can use either use some text you type or copy out and paste in, any valid blog address or its feed, and even your del.icio.us user name (in this case it fetches your tags.)

These are some quick examples, using the first sonnet by William Shakespeare (top image), and tags from some of my online projects. You can click any of these pictures to see a bigger sample while it is generated on the fly. Guess where does this one come from?

Try it out by yourself with any browser (Java plugin necessary), chez Wordle.


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