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Making plans for the semester

Thinking on the things I want to do best in the next few months or so...
I just couldn't bring myself to just write down a list, so after a while of fooling around with pencil, markers and some washes, this is the "decorated version" of the list. Now if I only can do some of it.


Childrens' tales illustrated: video archive

Wonderful wonderful: the video archive of the program Una mà de contes from the Catalan National Television (Televisió de Catalunya) is now online, offering childrens' tales illustrated by some of the best catalan and spanish illustrators, including comic artists Gallardo and Max.

In each episode, a tale is told by a voice in off while the artist illustrates the story using a great variety of techniques.

The archive (go to Els contes) is organized by geographic origin of the story, artist, technique, author, name of the character or title of the story.

The website is only in catalan (subtitles and audio are also available in the aranese occitan dialect, which is spoken in the Aran valley in the catalan Northwestern Pyrenees, and some in english.)

The name Una mà de contes is a wordplay with (hand) and mar (sea) which sound exactly the same. In catalan, una mar de contes would mean A sea of tales. "A sea of something" implies a lot of it. Una mà de contes means A hand of tales, because of the special way stories are told in this marvelous series.

The website also includes workshops where you can interactively build your own story book and more.

A site to bookmark and visit thoroughly if you like childrens' tales, creative illustration and imagination.



Reference 2.0

If only I weren't so lazy. Getting reference for any illustration or drawing project has never been easier. With your laptop + internet connection you have instant reference for any theme. Plus, if you use a drawing tablet you can integrate reference images in your digital workspace.
Oops the keyboard is very sloppy & distorted on the right!
This one taken from my current sketchbook / journal.


Opinion (illustration friday)

A quick contribution to this week's topic, Opinion. Click to see a larger version.

As each person occupies a slot in the font file, you can reorder them any way you like because they dwell in the range from t to z. All you have to do is type any combination of the letters t,u,v,w,x,y,z.
You could make (if my math is correct) 5040 possible variations. For example, here's another:
Handy, isn't it?

The people drawings belong to my dingbat Genteta III (from Typephases dingbats and fonts), which in turn came from drawings in my sketchbooks. The original drawings are very diverse and often whimsical, with many invented little people.


Surrealistic interlude

My phone doodles tend to be like this sketchbook page.


Every new day

...should be like this. So many things you can do are like unopened gifts. Visit the Flickr page by clicking the image for a bigger version of this journal sketch. The coloured version is digital, something I usually do to see the effect with scanned drawings.


Finding new paths

Allow me a little personal indulgence. This is a page from my current journal. Trying to stay out of trouble... I draw some kind of visual clues for myself in times of deep personal changes.

As a daily project, I'm drawing some kind of metaphor, symbol or representation (albeit very obliquely in most cases) of my predominant mood during this day.

This is a pen brush drawing with ink on an A4 size journal. The image links to my Flickr page, where you can see bigger versions of my illustrations and drawings.

I have also posted a digitally coloured version of this same image.


Drawing is thinking

Is the title of the new Milton Glaser book. Drawing is Thinking follows (after a long wait) his classic Graphic Design and the more recent Art is work). Here it is a volume completely devoted to illustration and drawing by the veteran master.

For those who already know his work as a graphic designer and illustrator, it comes as no surprise, it is probably his most cherished and personal book.

Based on his view that all art has its origin in the impulse to create--primarily through drawing--he has designed a book that powerfully delineates this idea. In Drawing is Thinking, the drawings depicted are meant to be experienced sequentially, so that the viewer not only follows Glaser through these pages, but comes to inhabit his mind. The drawings in Drawing is Thinking represent a range of subject matter taken from throughout Glaser's career. They illustrate the author's commitment to the fundamental idea that drawing is not simply a way to represent reality, but a way to understand and experience the world.

Other books by Milton Glaser which are still available:


Peeters' Zombieland

Frederik Peeters (Lupus, Koma, Blue Pills, RG...) has a new project on the net, called Portraits as living dead.

Slightly disturbing, but as always with his drawings, well executed and engaging. A gallery of portraits where famous (dead) people are depicted as zombies.

This is Brian Jones. Visit the Portraits as living deads blog to see many more...

Another excellent work from this artist, whose Koma series (written by Pierre Wazem) reaches its end this november with the sixth part.

I find his bold, seemingly effortless, style of drawing irresistible. As a bonus, this particular series of illustrations have a nice touch of watercolour.

Peeters draws his originals on the classic Moleskine notebook (21 x 13 cm.) and the bigger versions presented in the blog are almost this size on screen, so you can study the details of the brushwork or the inking.


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