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Wonderful wonderful: the video archive of the program Una mà de contes from the Catalan National Television (Televisió de Catalunya) is now online, offering childrens' tales illustrated by some of the best catalan and spanish illustrators, including comic artists Gallardo and Max.

In each episode, a tale is told by a voice in off while the artist illustrates the story using a great variety of techniques.

The archive (go to Els contes) is organized by geographic origin of the story, artist, technique, author, name of the character or title of the story.

The website is only in catalan (subtitles and audio are also available in the aranese occitan dialect, which is spoken in the Aran valley in the catalan Northwestern Pyrenees, and some in english.)

The name Una mà de contes is a wordplay with (hand) and mar (sea) which sound exactly the same. In catalan, una mar de contes would mean A sea of tales. "A sea of something" implies a lot of it. Una mà de contes means A hand of tales, because of the special way stories are told in this marvelous series.

The website also includes workshops where you can interactively build your own story book and more.

A site to bookmark and visit thoroughly if you like childrens' tales, creative illustration and imagination.


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