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Drawing is thinking

Is the title of the new Milton Glaser book. Drawing is Thinking follows (after a long wait) his classic Graphic Design and the more recent Art is work). Here it is a volume completely devoted to illustration and drawing by the veteran master.

For those who already know his work as a graphic designer and illustrator, it comes as no surprise, it is probably his most cherished and personal book.

Based on his view that all art has its origin in the impulse to create--primarily through drawing--he has designed a book that powerfully delineates this idea. In Drawing is Thinking, the drawings depicted are meant to be experienced sequentially, so that the viewer not only follows Glaser through these pages, but comes to inhabit his mind. The drawings in Drawing is Thinking represent a range of subject matter taken from throughout Glaser's career. They illustrate the author's commitment to the fundamental idea that drawing is not simply a way to represent reality, but a way to understand and experience the world.

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