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Peeters' Zombieland

Frederik Peeters (Lupus, Koma, Blue Pills, RG...) has a new project on the net, called Portraits as living dead.

Slightly disturbing, but as always with his drawings, well executed and engaging. A gallery of portraits where famous (dead) people are depicted as zombies.

This is Brian Jones. Visit the Portraits as living deads blog to see many more...

Another excellent work from this artist, whose Koma series (written by Pierre Wazem) reaches its end this november with the sixth part.

I find his bold, seemingly effortless, style of drawing irresistible. As a bonus, this particular series of illustrations have a nice touch of watercolour.

Peeters draws his originals on the classic Moleskine notebook (21 x 13 cm.) and the bigger versions presented in the blog are almost this size on screen, so you can study the details of the brushwork or the inking.

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