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Aquatint proof

This is a print proof made with the sugar-lift aquatint technique.
The figures were painted directly on the zinc plate with the sugar solution.
The image is a bit blurry at the top because the sheet didn't fit in the scanner...
This kind of figure, halfway between silhouettes and dimensional bodies, is very recurrent in my sketchbooks. I love to invent people with the brush, pen or pencil.


peacay said...

Apart from being a beautiful illustration, the "sugar lift" part makes it sound sweet. And edible. Gingerbread men models perhaps?

'- )

Joan M. Mas said...

Funny remark, peacay! I'm not sure I've used the right word in english...
It's a technique where you apply a sugar solution on the plate, then add varnish. You wash the plate and the sugar solution areas lifts away, leaving the metal exposed to the acid bath.


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