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Kyle T. Webster and his daily figures

In mid summer, Kyle T. Webster began a sketching project called The Daily Figure. In it, he
draws “A series of daily figurative doodles from my imagination. Just figures that I will be pulling from my imagination - quickies to keep me limber.
Take a look and you'll say: how humble!, because the sketches are excellent. Obviously the result of a great knowledge of the human figure and an amazing drawing skill.

I just draw with a 'brush' in Painter for this blog. Typically, I do this kind of drawing with a Pentel Pocket Brush - if you have never tried one of those, you absolutely must! It is my favorite drawing tool - simply wonderful.
I agree with this remark—the Pentel brush pens are awesome, and so convenient. But the quality of the digital line in the Daily Figure series is superb, too.

Figure after figure he keeps it interesting and beautiful. I love these fluid and elegant lines, the rhythm of the bodies... it's such a great work.

Once you have explored this nice blog, you might like to see the real works by Webster visiting his website.

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