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My Newton tree

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.
I like to sit by this tree. It is like the proverbial Newton's apple tree but this one instead of falling apples that make you think of gravity, lets ideas fall down on you bringing insight, stimuli, images and visions.

I can tell you where you can find a tree like this, but keep in mind it will only grow if your muse is nearby. :-)

The original drawing made in pencil, with the addition of some simple and fast digital colour. I have realised that if you want to colour your illustrations digitally it might be unnecessary to ink them. Just scan a definitive pencil drawing and play a little with the contrast/brightness, or with the image levels, histogram... whatever method you prefer. When you have a well-contrasted image you can use much like you would with an ink drawing. I have to check it out, but I suspect quite a few french comic artists create their comics this way.

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