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A flawed relationship

I will use these recent colour pencil drawings from my sketchbook as a submission for this week's Illustration Friday theme, Flawed.
Lately I'm rediscovering the pleasure of drawing with colour pencils, pastel pencils, crayons, and the truly unique water-soluble Neocolor (now Neoart) sticks from Caran D'Ache: creamy, very covering and intense colours.

I've always loved colour pencils, and I'm especially fond of David Hockney's portraits with this technique. Then there is Lorenzo Mattotti, whom I dedicated a post a few days ago.

Why the title? I just thought this imaginary girl pose, moody, with the cup between her hands, could have something to do with love and loss, with a relationship that is going nowhere. But it could be almost anything else.


Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Really terrific work, very impressive.

Indigene said...

Wow...these colors are intense with a lot of depth!

ArtSparker said...

The second is my favorite...She has a monumental quality.

That video is amazing, I may link to it here.

Alice said...

I love the second one too -great colours. Thanks for your comment on my blog! To answer your question, it was just done in Photoshop. Usually I draw in a great little program called Comic Studio, which is basically just for B&W stuff, and then I add colour in Photoshop. I draw with a big fat wacom tablet.

enigma said...

nice sketchy feels, lovely work.


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