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Girl with guitar

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

Drawn from imagination, I'm experimenting with highly absorbent papers. Yep, those you are not supposed to use with watercolour! But I really like some effects, blurry lines... a bit impredictable, though. (click the picture so see bigger versions on my Flickr page.)

By the way, one of my new year resolutions is practice guitar more seriously. Perhaps that's why I'm drawing quite a few characters playing guitar when doodling... I'll have to build up some thick calluses in the tips of the left hand fingers, and all that...


pati @-;-- said...

Oh, I love it! It's very poetic and definitely experimentation is a terrific thing to do :)

One of my dreams is learning to play guitar... I know I'll do it someday, but I won't wait to long.

Happy 2009!

pati @-;--

sandra.d. said...

very interesting experiment with paper- u may paint with the tea too. ;]

beautiful illo! ;]

studio lolo said...

really lovely. You even managed to get enough detail into her hands and her expression. Nice!

indigene said...

It's great to see experiments!

get zapped said...

I like how you combined your art and music in this piece. Way to go!

HaPpy NeW YeaR!


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