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Lorenzo Mattotti

"When I first saw the illustrations of Mattotti, I knew I had seen them already: in a dream."
—Art Spiegelmann
These are some videos about one of my favourite comic artists and illustrators, Lorenzo Mattotti. Of course, first you should visit his website.

Mattotti works in different techniques: pencils, pastels, watercolour, ink, acrylics... on different sizes of paper and canvases, but somehow he manages to obtain consistent results. Looking at a particular image it's sometimes difficult to guess its size and technique: a small pastel panel in one of his comics may look exactly like a big 2 x 2 m acrylic on canvas. On the website of the italian publisher Nuages you can visit an online exhibition with some imaginary landscapes (acrylic on canvas) that remind me of some recent works by David Hockney, his northern landscapes .

Those videoclips (Youtube) can be viewed on your own browser (provided that you have the Flash player installed, that is.) But I have also found a long documentary about Mattotti; it lasts nearly an hour. You can watch it online in Babelgum. In this case, however, you'll need to install the specific player used by this online tv platform (freeware.)

A complete list of news related to Mattotti’s career can be found here (Prima Linea Publishing).


Poison Star said...

Thanks so much for your post, I love it! You don't happen to own the documentary or know where I can buy/watch it? It is no longer on babelgum, unfortunately :(

Thank you!!
xx Mia

Joan M. Mas said...

Yes, Mia, unfortunately it was taken off from Babelgum. Anyway, it seems that portions of it can be found on Youtube. It's a shame, it was a wonderful documentary.


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