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Breezy waitress

So few good days this winter... I close my eyes and I imagine it’s a warm summer day. Blue skies, in the shadow of green trees. And a breezy waitress smiling and bringing us some ice-cold beers.

This imaginary girl is for this week’s Illustration Friday: Breezy.

Brush and ink, drawn on my current notebook (21 x 14 cm) Freshly made!

Click for a bigger version of the drawing.



This quickie is a contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday.

The theme is instinct and this is indeed a double take on the topic: the motherly instinct we have towards pets, and this sort of feline predatory behaviour one finds whenever something (in this case the hair) moves in front of a cat.

(click to see a bigger version!)


Cati Somolinos: te conté que...

A spanish artist from Asturias, northern Spain, who shares her travel sketchbooks and her delicate watercolours and drawings online. Small pieces of everyday life, quiet pieces of lansdscape.

I have run into her work recently, and it seems to be quite new (two months of posts), yet I've found it promising.

I have to ask her about the name of her blog, but apparently it should be the contraction of te conté que... (I told you that...)

I love her pastel sketches like the one I have included here. In another of the pages she transforms what must have been an ugly landscape, full of cranes and chimneys, into something else: poetic and dreamlike.


Joaquín González Dorao

Although I have discovered his travel watercolours in Isuu, where he has collected some works as travel diaries, Joaquín González is a versatile illustrator whose work in children's books, educational books and editorial illustration can be found in his website. He also keeps a blog where you can see his most recent creations.

Webster's engravings

I love vintage engravings, letterpress prints and such antique printing items, and I'm always on the hunt for new resources. So it's great news to hear that The Quercus Press, in association with Chronicle Books will publish a compilation of engravings that appeared as illustrations in the editions of the 19th century of Webster's dictionary.

The printing, restoration and digitisation process is explained in detail in the Quercus Press Webster's site.

It is a limited and expensive edition, a truly collector's item, but of course here's the good part: there is an agreement with Chronicle Books to publish a trade edition, with a more modest price tag. We'll have to wait a little for its publication, later this year.


Sketchbook, late 2008-early 2009

The quality of these videos is lousy, but I just discovered my old digital camera saves Quicktime movies! Just a trial with two recent sketchbooks...


Les 24 heures de la bande dessinée

Linked to the Angoulême Festival that closed this last Sunday, this comic drawing marathon is unique in the world: it gathers more than 400 participants, both professional artists, amateurs and students.
25 artists were present physically in Angoulême, while the rest contributed their works online.

Lewis Trondheim, always keen on experimental initiatives, is the creative force behind this event. There is a constraint in each edition, for example: the story developed by each contributor must take place in a museum.

The finished entries are exhibited online until the next 24 heures, that is, until december of the current year at the website 24hdelabandedessinee.com.

The image shown here belongs to the comic drawn by Balahy Thibault.

Rokuro Taniuchi

The illustrations by the late japanese artist Rokuro Taniuchi (1921 - 1981) are delicious. There is always some magical or unexpected element.

Yet another great illustrator I hadn't heard of! Thanks to A Journey round my skull, a place where it is possible to make such (re)discoveries. There you will find a selection of works. He also has a Flickr set with more than 70 Taniuchi illustrations.


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