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Libros de Blur

Blur is a spanish publisher specialised in illustrated books. A related blog, called Libros de Blur showcases some of their editions, with the permission of the authors.

The handsome books are shown in detail through an online Issuu version. It’s full of delicious illustration and design gems. An especially recommended link!

“The books released in this blog are displayed by agreement with the authors. Whenever possible, we offer an online version of the whole edition, trying to make the business viability and the right of accessing culture compatible.
You can link to the ebooks from your blog or website, as long as no fee is charged, and you can also print a personal copy, for example in countries where these editions are hard to get. But you are not allowed to duplicate or resell any digital or printed copy. The texts and images remain copyrighted by the respective authors.”



One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

A micro-tale: She turned back all the pictures and put them facing the wall. She opened the window and the fresh breeze entered the rooms. Looking through the window, very soon the only picture she'd see was the future ahead.

This comes from my current sketchbook. It’s ideal for ink drawings, I’m doing full-page drawings in most pages. Later on I’ll probably show the whole thing in a short movie here.


Browsing 1000 Heads

Here’s how the real thing looks:

Find out more about the book here!


Pirates on my fingers

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

Living legendary adventures with finger puppets is great fun.


The legendary Miles

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

I like drawing musicians.
Especially in the same improvisational style as jazz players perform.


Complicated name, intricate, astounding line drawings.
Here: grrrr.net

In Open Source Publishing you’ll find an interview with the artist and some more samples of this work.



Totally crushed out...some of them vague self-portraits, in the sketchbook, like this one.

The kind of automatic drawing that ends up taking a lot of space through the pages.

(Click the image to see a bigger version.)


João Fazenda, illustração

Love the stylized illustration style by the portuguese designer João Fazenda. The unusual site navigation is also imaginative and engaging.


1, 2, 3... 365 Budapest

Soon I will travel to Hungary, and while searching some information about Budapest I ran into this curious typographic-photographic daily project.

Zsolt Molnár (aka Zsutti) is a hungarian photographer who carries on a typo-photographic project focusing on the typographical diversity of Budapest’s street numbers. On his blog he posts a number each day in 2009, that is 365 different types of street numbers, geotagged. This projects allows him to combine three things that play important roles in his life - photography, typography and riding the bike.

“By now I have crossed the 1000 km line on the bike, while searching for these numbers. I broke several sunglasses, invested into special bikebag for my gear, met mad dogs and curious doormen, and all these unforseen circumstances make this project an adventure.”


Ikea 3D tools

The Ikea planner tools (these pieces of software you've seen in use whenever you've visited an Ikea shop) are now freely downloadable (by now Windows version only).

Although these programs (kitchen, bedroom or office planners) are intended to create custom plans choosing elements from their catalogue of furniture, it is obvious that it may have another use for illustrators and designers.

  • Drag and drop your choice of furniture into the room and fit them to the exact measurements of your own rooms.
  • Rearrange and try different styles until you’re satisfied with the result.
  • View it in 3-D and print with all the measurements.
Sounds good? You have an basic and easy-to-use 3D builder for your comics, illustrations and other drawings and artwork.

Another sophisticated 3D app you can download and use for free is Google Sketchup, a very intuitive program which is capable of building whole buildings and interiors and manipulate them in tridimensional space, invaluable for reference when you draw.

(I saw it on Lifehacker.)


João Catarino’s cadernos de viagem

João Catarino, a portuguese artist from Lisbon, is a very good draughtsman. His Desenhos do dia blog displays his cadernos de viagem (travel sketchbooks.)

The title of the blog means “drawing of the day”—I don’t speak portuguese but luckily I can understand it quite well. Overall it’s a very good visit because the way he treats each journal page is unique, balancing carefully white space and drawn areas. Most pages contain ink drawings, here and there with some touches of watercolour.
This blog is a part of a happy discovery: many wonderful art blogs by different portuguese artists, such as Catarina Garcia, Nuno Branco, Isabel Fiadeira, and many more. The blog Diario grafico (desenhador do quotidiano) antologizes quite a few interesting sketchers from Portugal.

Come to think of it, sometimes the language is an unnecessary barrier even in a visual medium like the net. We should try visiting more foreign language sites. I'm sure there is a world of marvels in any of the languages that I can understand more or less well.

Speedpainting at Angoulême 2009

Cintiq tablet + Angoulême BD festival + great artists =

Seen on Pixeltv


Watercolour playground

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

Sometimes it's better to let the colours do as they please on the page.

This is a typical exercise I do quite often to loosen up: draw invented little people or faces directly with the brush. Some intricacies are good with the watercolour.

I've lifted this page from one of my sketchbooks.

Peeters’ Zombieland, 2.0

Frederik Peeters, in his Portraits as living dead (commented and linked here before) has moved on to a different cast of zombies, this time populated with (still) living characters: Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Pamela Anderson, Prince Philip of Borbon from Spain, Gérard Depardieu, Paris Hilton... this would be his 2.0 version of the Portraits.

This time you have to wonder not only the cause of their deaths, but also what it is that Peeters holds against them (well, in certain cases, it’s easy to know what!!!) This portrait gallery isn’t exactly tasteful nor respectful, but it may be a hell of a fun.

If you wonder how Pam could look like after being half-eaten by a shark, well, there she is.

First post about Portraits as living dead

Explorations and automatisms

A sketchbook with abstract, complex images related to some paintings from the same time.
Pencil, ink, crayons, coloured pencils... A4 size.
This kind of drawing lets you go and stretch out, seeking new directions for your art.
The organic shapes sometimes are reminiscent of living beings & matter. Other times the layering is more akin to earth changes and the effects of the passing of time on the environment.

Sketchbook / Journal with explorations for projects, abstract drawings and miscellaneous ideas.


Lori Nix's Disaster zone

Lori Nix is an artist who

“...bends the line between truth and illusion in her photographs. She accomplishes this by photographing miniatures and models which illuminate her interest in the disaster movies of the 1970s and her memories of growing up in Kansas—a place that seems to attract disasters like no other.”
The images on the Accidentally Kansas series are particulary interesting: indeed blurring the line between reality and representation.

For those used to tilt-shift photography, a question emerges, disturbingly: whether it is reality depicted as miniature or a true miniature depicting reality.

Seen on Paintalicious.


Moleskine travels

As I've mentioned here before, now and then I like to visit Youtube, and watch travel sketchbooks like these:
Stefano Faravelli.

The Clermont-Ferrand biennale de carnets de voyage is a great place for those interested in travel sketchbooks.
The Detour Moleskine city book exhibition (also here) is full of neat sketchbooks.


Idée Search Labs

Fun with images at Idée Labs and their three image search tools. The multicolour search lab lets you choose up to ten colours and then you get images pulled from Flickr matching them.

The Visual Search Lab produces funny, inspirational and interesting combinations of images from arbitrary tag input.

BYO finds images by their similarity. Again, unexpected, funny and amazing results are guaranteed.


1000 Heads: the book

1000 Heads is an imaginative collection of illustrations in which the human head experiments the strangest transformations, actions and variations.

Let me guide you in this strange, fascinating and mesmerizing trip through the world of symbols, associations and memories.

Description of the book: 158 pages, softcover, 19.05 cm x 19.05 cm, black in white interior, colour cover, available from Lulu.com (in Spain you can also order it from Bubok.)

These are a few selected page spreads of the book (click to see them at bigger size).

You can also visit the book page to see an online preview.


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