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1, 2, 3... 365 Budapest

Soon I will travel to Hungary, and while searching some information about Budapest I ran into this curious typographic-photographic daily project.

Zsolt Molnár (aka Zsutti) is a hungarian photographer who carries on a typo-photographic project focusing on the typographical diversity of Budapest’s street numbers. On his blog he posts a number each day in 2009, that is 365 different types of street numbers, geotagged. This projects allows him to combine three things that play important roles in his life - photography, typography and riding the bike.

“By now I have crossed the 1000 km line on the bike, while searching for these numbers. I broke several sunglasses, invested into special bikebag for my gear, met mad dogs and curious doormen, and all these unforseen circumstances make this project an adventure.”

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