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João Catarino’s cadernos de viagem

João Catarino, a portuguese artist from Lisbon, is a very good draughtsman. His Desenhos do dia blog displays his cadernos de viagem (travel sketchbooks.)

The title of the blog means “drawing of the day”—I don’t speak portuguese but luckily I can understand it quite well. Overall it’s a very good visit because the way he treats each journal page is unique, balancing carefully white space and drawn areas. Most pages contain ink drawings, here and there with some touches of watercolour.
This blog is a part of a happy discovery: many wonderful art blogs by different portuguese artists, such as Catarina Garcia, Nuno Branco, Isabel Fiadeira, and many more. The blog Diario grafico (desenhador do quotidiano) antologizes quite a few interesting sketchers from Portugal.

Come to think of it, sometimes the language is an unnecessary barrier even in a visual medium like the net. We should try visiting more foreign language sites. I'm sure there is a world of marvels in any of the languages that I can understand more or less well.

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