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Libros de Blur

Blur is a spanish publisher specialised in illustrated books. A related blog, called Libros de Blur showcases some of their editions, with the permission of the authors.

The handsome books are shown in detail through an online Issuu version. It’s full of delicious illustration and design gems. An especially recommended link!

“The books released in this blog are displayed by agreement with the authors. Whenever possible, we offer an online version of the whole edition, trying to make the business viability and the right of accessing culture compatible.
You can link to the ebooks from your blog or website, as long as no fee is charged, and you can also print a personal copy, for example in countries where these editions are hard to get. But you are not allowed to duplicate or resell any digital or printed copy. The texts and images remain copyrighted by the respective authors.”


Laureline said...

Wonderful! I bought Enrique's India sketchbook at Clermont-Ferrand in 2007 and I see it here in the first grouping of books! I'll enjoy exploring the link and its contents!

enrique said...

Anímate y haz tú uno!


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