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Peeters’ Zombieland, 2.0

Frederik Peeters, in his Portraits as living dead (commented and linked here before) has moved on to a different cast of zombies, this time populated with (still) living characters: Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Pamela Anderson, Prince Philip of Borbon from Spain, Gérard Depardieu, Paris Hilton... this would be his 2.0 version of the Portraits.

This time you have to wonder not only the cause of their deaths, but also what it is that Peeters holds against them (well, in certain cases, it’s easy to know what!!!) This portrait gallery isn’t exactly tasteful nor respectful, but it may be a hell of a fun.

If you wonder how Pam could look like after being half-eaten by a shark, well, there she is.

First post about Portraits as living dead

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