1000 Heads: the book

1000 heads, my illustration book

Inspiring books for the creative type



One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

A micro-tale: She turned back all the pictures and put them facing the wall. She opened the window and the fresh breeze entered the rooms. Looking through the window, very soon the only picture she'd see was the future ahead.

This comes from my current sketchbook. It’s ideal for ink drawings, I’m doing full-page drawings in most pages. Later on I’ll probably show the whole thing in a short movie here.


Vhrsti said...

Wonderful work! Whole your blog is fabulous and inspiring for me. Thank you fo sharing your enthusiasm.

Coreopsis said...

Nice illustration--it's perfect for the little story.

KALADDA said...

Nice take on the topic. Great drawing!


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