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Rockin’ doodles

This is a bunch of imaginary sketches that has been lying around for a while. I usually doodle this stuff when I’m listening music, sometimes when I’m organizing my music collection, or related activities.

The poses are very typical and some even a caricature of some musician. The last one is a bit unrelated because it was made for a web design project (a jazz-blues café).

Click to see a bigger version of each picture!

I scanned them because I planned to do a more polished version (inked, vectorized...?) like those in the Feedback dingbat from the Typephases Project.

Anyway. Even if they keep on gathering dust in the studio, I like this kind of very rough and spontaneous sketch.

If I finally do something with this gang or weirdos I’ll let you know here.


The simplest puppets

This is part of a design for a theatre event. One of the challenges I enjoy in graphic design is taking a minimal element and trying out different variations. In this case I took a very simple figure from a set of cardboard puppets shown elsewhere. Those puppets were, in turn, made with very simple rules: using a cardboard tissue roll and cutting out the eyes, mouth, nose... then gluing the removed parts as ears, noses...

So all variants start from the same model. And if I had also rotated the nose the number of permutations would be much bigger:

In this same publication we also find some photos of the cylinderfigurines:

A funny project, and yet another way of doing different things.

Art, not ad

Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images, something like the simulation shown here. Of course, it’s a bunch of art pictures what you get, not those red rectangles!

The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators. The project website provides detailed instructions and a screencast.

The logo is a homage to the old Sherwin-Williams brand paint.


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