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David Hockney and his iPhone

English painter David Hockney has always been an enthusiast of new media and using imaging technologies. He never hesitates to experiment and introduce new ways of picturing and showing his work.

He already did it in the eighties with his peculiar copy-art and fax works, and now he's doing it again with his most recent exhibition in London (until July 11), called Drawing In a Printing Machine (Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery).

What strikes more of this new one-man show is the introduction not just of digital work —created with different tools such as tablets and stylus— but a series of portrait, still life and landscapes drawn and painted with his iPhone, using Brushes.

Brushes, helped by the shoutout of a New Yorker cover illustrated by Jorge Colombo with his iPhone, has sold online more than 40.000 licences, so far! At 5$, it's a very affordable program.

Hockney admits that he's hooked on the iPhone. He bought his gadget just a few months ago, but since then he's been drawing and painting with it all the time. Very often, he sends pictures like flowers, freshly drawn, to his friends and family. He also uses the iPhone to send via email his peculiar theories on art history, and his discoveries of painting (in the style of his book Secret Knowledge, I suppose.)

Another use Hockney makes of his iPhone is to send his illustrated art lectures, while he comfortably rests in bed. His main tip to draw with the iPhone: “touch the screen very gently.”

If you already are an iPhone (or iPod touch) user, you can download Brushes for under 5$. if you want to read the product guide before, here it is in PDF format. good luck!!


problemchildbride said...

Anybody interested in the possibilities with Brushes for iPhone might want to visit the extraordinary Amanda Kavanagh from Brooklyn, here:

She's been working with Brushes since it came out and has produced some amazing art. Definitely worth the visit.

problemchildbride said...

Better link to Amanda kavanagh here!

Joan M. Mas said...

thanks for the link, problemchildbride!

Dave Webb said...

For a real taste of the world of iphone art try this link to the flickr group Brushes with particular attention to the art of Luis Peso, Susan Murtaugh (SuziQ54241), Patricio Villarroel and many others. These people are accomplishing amazing things in this tiny medium.



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