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Janusz Grabianski

Janusz Grabianski (1929-1976) was a polish illustrator specialised in children's books. He used a bold and expressive watercolour and/or gouache technique in his artwork.

He illustrated the 1001 nights, the Holy Bible, the Andersen and Grimm tales, quite a few other children stories, and many more books.

If you have the opportunity to find a reissue or an used copy, don't doubt it: it's very enjoyable.

These are some articles about Grabianski on the net:
Related: a czech artist with a similar technique, Mirko Hanak (also commented by Gene Deitch):

1 comment:

Masha said...

Thanks for linking to my blog :)
And I agree - Mirko Hanak is a good companion to Grabianski. Such lovely work, I had not seen before.


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