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I'm not very keen on Halloween stuff, but I couldn't resist to post these two cute drawings made by my son (11), as they fit the bill perfectly. He did the sketches in my pocket sketchbook. He’s learning english quite fast and he takes every ocassion to write some of the words he learns.


Misc. short notes

icon01 is a video series of one on one conversations with industry icons. Produced for Flashforward08 San Francisco. This page features interviews with Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, Joshua Davis, Scott McCloud and more. Also available at http://www.icon01.com/.

Still with basic functionality compared to Brushes, Colors! or Layers, the application list for the Android mobile OS is growing. This search on Cyrklet will keep you up to date.
See also androidfreeware.net/.

I've enjoyed every post by Véronique Joffre in her blog since I discovered it. Her collages, illustrations and paintings are wonderful and poetic. She uses a variety of subdued and subtle colours to great effect.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.


Alberto Mielgo

An extraordinarily gifted painter / illustrator / concept art artist. He has a loose style and wonderful sense of colour that really pulls up every image he attemps to paint, both in digital or traditional media.

Visit his blog or his personal website to enjoy more of his work. As a bonus, there you’ll find a very good selection of links to other illustration and painting-related blogs and sites.


A fresh take on travel journals

This is something I definitely have to do instead of the usual travel sketchbooks.

Matt Sundstrom shares his journey from the East Coast to the West: 8 days and 3,700 miles from New Hampshire to Oregon. I like both the ink drawings collected in this website and the nice layout of the whole webpage, somewhere betweeen comic, cartography, slideshow and sketchbook.

(Seen on Drawn!.)


Farewell to summer days

This year the summer has lasted more than usual but definitely it’s over.
These are some sketches from a recent sketchbook with some (digital) colour touches, a good souvenir of these marvelous sunny weeks for the cold and dark months to come.
(Click the image to see a bigger version.)


I like dreaming this

This doodle (pencil sketch plus some digital colour touches) has been encouraged by this week’s Illustration Friday theme, Flying. (Click the image to see a bigger version.)


Music sketches

These are a few sketches I have collected. They share a musical theme because I draw these doodles on a music folder (lyrics, printouts of discographies, lists of record database and so on...) And yes, I still love those ancient vinyl LP’s and the bygone era of albums, shiny cardboard picture sleeves...

(Click the image to see a bigger version of each illustration.)


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