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Agent Laia with Nintendo DS

Colors! is a fun little painting app for Nintendo DS and iPhone / iPod Touch (with some extra features in the Apple gadgets). Taking advantage of the tactile screen you can draw and paint very intuitively with your finger, the stylus, or any not-too-sharp objet that doesn’t scratch the surface (a plastic pen with its cap on is ok.)

Here, as a first trial, I’ve used it to draw from memory our bitch, agent Laia (according to my son, Laia is the star of a spy movie.) You can download Colors! and see many examples of users-submitted artwork in the Gallery.

Colors! saves your drawings as a .drw file, and it also generates a bitmap .png file. What is even better is the storage of the whole drawing process in the .drw file, so you can reply the sequence anytime. This is great to study what other people do with Colors! and the Nintendo or the iPod / iPhone.

All the examples in the Colors! gallery are available in the reproducible format to download. You can even reproduce them on your own computer using a nifty Java utility called ColorsDraw. You can get it here.

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