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Children's books by Paul Rand

Paul Rand illustrated several children's books written by his wife, Ann Rand, in the fifties and early sixties. As it happens with true classics, the illustration and layout in Rand’s books looks just as fresh today as when they were first published.

His style of illustration, consistent with his design work, is based in a witty use of simple shapes, flat colours and a well-thought composition and layout.

Now these charming editions have been reprinted by Chronicle Books in San Francisco for your delight.

Sparkle and Spin is a playful children's classic (now happily available again through Chronicle Books) that reveals to young readers the power and music in the words they use every day.

This reissue of the childhood classic I Know a Lot of Things is a celebration of all the new and intriguing knowledge children delight in possessing. Written from the simplicity of a child's perspective, with all the teeny nuggets of wisdom contained therein, and illustrated with Rand's colorful and witty style.

Little 1,originally published in 1961, is an exuberant picture book filled with clever wordplay, and not only tells the engaging story of Little 1 and his quest for a friend, but makes learning numbers and simple addition positively fun.

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