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Freistil Online, Portal für Illustration

I have just received a news release from a new website called Freistil Online, which aims to be the first web source for illustration in German-speaking countries.

This newly launched portal covers drawing and illustrators, as well as the contemporary influences and developments among the field. The themes are Editorial-, Advertising, Fashion Illustration, graphic novels, art and motion. Most significantly, it is being used to introduce books, magazines and websites and review exhibitions, fairs and events.

The term ‘illustration’ is being used to include street art, graphic design and online solutions. The scope of the site also includes thesis projects from schools and other institutions. Reports from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are accompanied by insights of the illustration markets in New York, London and Madrid.

Even if you don’t read or speak german the website is worth checking out for the visual content.


Sketchalina said...

Hi There. Great blog! I'm wondering how you got this 2 page sketchbook with pages that flip onto your blog. Can you tell me where to find out how to do this? I have some sketchbooks I'd like to put on my own blog, but don't know how to do this page flip thing.

Joan M. Mas said...

Hi, Sketchalina -- sorry I haven't replied before. All you need is a Scribd or an Issuu account and you're all set.

Sketchalina said...

Thanks Joan. I'll check that out.


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