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1000 heads, my illustration book

Inspiring books for the creative type


Brecht Evens

The flemish illustrator and cartoonist Brecht Evens does some fine stuff with watercolours and gouache, including comic books (like his The Wrong Place —recently translated to english), and many editorial illustrations and posters.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


At the studio desk

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

Sort of improvised selfportrait being a good boy, at the desk and working. It was just a warm-up line drawing but then I added a touch of watercolour paint that was lying around from a painting session.


Hollie Chastain

Hollie Chastain describes herself as a

full-time found paper and collage artist. Influenced by nature and fairy tales, she lets water stains, scribble and natural aging play into her pieces. The subject of the piece is often influenced by the materials as opposed to building around a sketch or idea. She creates a world of adventure and secrets open for the viewer's interpretation.
I love her imaginative collages and subtle colours. More of her work at her website.



Ribafrecha by Adoración Santolaya Ruiz-Clavijo Enrique Flores | Make Your Own Book

Ribafrecha is the new book by Enrique Flores and Adoración Santolaya, collecting sketches and watercolours from his holidays in this village in La Rioja, Spain. You can get it here (and just for 14,95 euro, it's a bargain).


Elwood H. Smith

Time for some fun visiting Elwood H. Smith's website or his page at illoz. His cartoons are whimsical, offbeat and crazy. I love it. His preferred technique is drawing in waterproof ink and adding some touches of watercolour.


Alexis Deacon's sketchbooks

The very talented british illustrator Alexis Deacon shares some wonderful sketchbooks in his website. The peculiar atmosphere of his books is already present in the drawings collected in them.
Deacon is a very skilled draughtsman, as these sketchbooks utterly show. His final images, as published in his books, are the result of a complex process of small-scale sketching, photocopy enlarging and different techniques (ink, gouache, watercolour).


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