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Yupo sheets are definitely a surface I’d like to try, especially when you see the wonderful results in these examples by loveitaly. In them, the pigment moves freely on the painted areas creating wonderful effects:

What is Yupo in more detail?

This special material, rather than a traditional paper sheet is a durable stain-resistant non-absorbent synthetic (polypropilene) material that holds ink and watercolor with precision. Its smooth surface also resists tearing and buckling and it remains perfectly flat.

Colors applied on Yupo paper are brilliant and they lift off completely. It is an extremely forgiving sheet! As a watercolor paper it has the advantage of being non-absorbent so colors lie on top of its surface producing brilliant vibrant effects. Colors retain their true clarity and brilliance. Yupo requires no soaking stretching or taping flat. Best of all it allows you to wipe off unwanted sections of your painting and start again with a fresh surface, without damaging the surface, as it is often the case with the coating of watercolor paper.


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