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Ghost diagrams: exploring symmetries and patterns

Enjoying this experimental app by Paul Harrison, called Ghost Diagrams. It is available either as a Python script or a browser-based tool. My test, shown here, uses the desktop version in Ubuntu 10. Screen capture with gtk-recordmydesktop.

With Ghost diagrams you generate different types of symmetries and repetitive patterns at a click of a button. It's very fast and intuitive. The best thing? You can save the results as a vector file (SVG format), so you can edit it to your heart's content and make it any size with no loss of quality.


Drawing with Muro

Muro is an amazing digital painting application that only requires a modern web browser.

It does not use Flash or any special plugin. HTML5, pure and simple, like similar online tools such as  Harmony or Sketchpad. Meaning what? Meaning that you can use it not just on your computer, laptop or desktop, but also on your iPad or iPhone / iPod Touch, for example. Here is a sample of something I tried on my laptop:

And, as a bonus, if you have a Wacom tablet installed, you can take advantage of additional features provided by the browser plugin,  available on the Wacom website.

If you want to try you hand with some other related programs, here it is a selection of drawing applications for your browser, based in several technologies (html5, flash, java…): CloudcanvasSumopaint, Pixlr, SketchPad, FlashPaint, ScribLink, Myoats, FlockDraw, ScribblerToo, QueekypaintImaginationCubed and a generous selection reviewed at Make use of.


Video - visiting artists' studios

Over on Vimeo there are quite a few videos of interesting art / design / creative studio visits.Just try searches such as studio visit, artist studio, painting studio or the like.


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