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The book of dreams

 Federico Fellini (photographed by Tazio Secchiaroli)
Today I have enjoyed an exhibition dedicated to Federico Fellini:The circus of illusions.

A nice rememoration of the man and his work: his obsessions, influences, his style, and the way he gathered ideas from multiple sources. The exhibition is open in Palma (Fundació La Caixa) until the 22nd of may.

A singular part of the exhibition is his Book of dreams. Actually they are two large books where he collected his dreams in annotations and sketches from 1960 to 1990.

The Academy of motion picture arts and sciences organized an exhibition a couple years ago. You can see some samples of Fellini's books of dreams in the exhibition website.

“The so-called Book of Dreams is really two ledgers, in which Federico Fellini, urged by the Jungian analyst Ernst Bernhard, jotted down and illustrated his own nocturnal fantasies over the space of thirty years. The first volume (approximately 245 pages) goes from November 30, 1960 to August 2, 1968, while the second (154 pages) goes from February 1973 until the end of 1982: a span of 22 years, which is supplemented by other scattered pages and several notes dated 1990. Long before he ventured into the oneiric universe with the cognitive tools recommended by Bernhard, however, Fellini was well aware of the importance of dreams. Indeed, he often asked his friends to tell him their dreams and urged them not to waste what he called “the night work,” at least as important, if not more so, than the thoughts and activities of one’s waking hours. Having seen for himself that a dream could only be remembered for a few minutes upon awakening, the director kept a notebook on his bedside table where he jotted down his visions and feelings as soon as he opened his eyes.”
A facsimile compilation of these very special journal, Il livro dei sogni has been published by Rizzoli:

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