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Imaginary trip (with watercolours)

Le voyage imaginaire d'Hugo Pratt et Corto Maltese is an exhibition at the Pinacothèque de Paris that I'd like to see. It will remain open until August, 21, 2011.

I have never been a big fan of Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese and his drawing style, but I really find his watercolour work quite appealing.


Flickr light tables

Inspired by the real-world analog, this viewer lets you explore flickr photostreams in an expansive grid. Drag to pan. Click on a photo to enlarge it, or click its permalink (∞) to view it directly on flickr. Use the input to load another light table. And it works great on the iPad.


ArtRage Studio Pro

Recently I have been playing a bit with natural media applications, and I am especially fond of Artrage and its nice balance of power and simplicity.

Artrage studio Pro is a much improved version of the Artrage standard application (or its advanced version Artrage Studio). Of course there are quite a few differences between these three options. You can check out which is best for you with the comparison chart provided by the developer (pdf).

Artrage is very powerful and sophisticated, but not overwhelming. Its interface is welcoming and intuitive, yet it offers as much control and power as you need to create artwork that makes you think you are using real paints, pencils or ink —without the mess on your drawing table or studio!  (> Read the whole review)


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