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A visual chronicle of the new Spanish Revolution

The economic depression is hitting Spain very, very hard, and the spanish youth is one of the main victims, with nearly 50% of unemployment among young people. After a relative calm period since the big crisis first broke out, thousands of spaniards are now demonstrating and camping in public squares in the main cities of Spain.

Many spanish citizens are fed up with the corruption of the political elites and their lack of concern with the real problems of people.

Starting as a social networks campaign that gathered protesters in the Puerta del Sol central square in Madrid on the 15th of may,  the movement has quickly gained momentum and it is now challenging the political statu quo in Spain. That it was a cover story in yesterday's Washington Post shows the dimension of the protest.

Enrique Flores chronicles this peaceful uprising in his sketchbooks, reporting from ground zero of the so-called Spanish Revolution (just check these hasthags on twitter: #spanishrevolution, #15m,#nolesvotes, #acampadasol, #notenemosmiedo, #yeswecamp).

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Dr. Iglesias said...

Web book #spanishrevolution (analysis, statements, supports, calls, camps and events in different cities, spread to Europe, criticism, and The Contra). See:



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