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Woodcuts with the iPhone

Here is an amazing app for the iPhone / iPod / iPad: ukiyo-e. It is a digital, portable, woodcut studio!
The application mimics the woodcutting process, in the sense that you must actually carve out what will become the blank parts of your print, and then “ink” and “print” it. Of course, you get it reversed from the original. Funny and creative.

The welcome screen of the application:

 Mark the area you want to cut. You have several types of carving tools with the toolbox:
 The wood plate, once you have carved it out:
And your fresh woodcut print!! As usual, you then share it online, save it, send it over email or whatever you wish to do, it’s a digital file:

Make sure you visit the developer’s site, Phyzios software— they have some other interesting programs to sculpt, paint, create and have fun.

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