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Barcelona sketches, april

These are a few sketches made in Barcelona the last weekend. On the last couple of pages or so there are some pasted portraits I made in an education convention in Zaragoza a few days earlier.
Halfway the pages you’ll see a drawing of a man reading a comic which is not mine, but drawn by Bartomeu Seguí (an illustrator and comics artist from Mallorca who won the first National Comic Prize of Spain).


Comics in Barcelona

This weekend I've been in Barcelona, enjoying a perfect spring weekend, and the comics festival, El (29è) Saló del còmic.

There, between buying, bargain-hunting and chatting, I've enjoyed watching some great and diverse comic book artists draw: Edmund Baudoin, Eddie Campbell, Javier Mariscal, Max, Pierre Alary, Miguel Gallardo, Bartomeu Seguí, Alfons López, Juan Berrio, José Luis Ágreda, Fermín Solís, Manel Fontdevila, just to name a few.

It is also worth mentioning that two of the awarded artists at the latest Angoulême Festival, Brecht Evens and Manuele Fior were there. Both use watercolour as their primary technique, and actually Fior won the first prize, Le Fauve d'Or, with his Cinq mille kilomètres par seconde created entirely in watercolour.

I've had some dédicaces by quite a few artists. This is Manuele Fior's illustration for the aforementioned Cinq mille...

Challenging preconceptions: Watercolour

If you plan to visit London this spring or summer, you might be interested in Watercolour, a special exhibition at Tate Britain (until August 21) that invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is. “The most ambitious exhibition about watercolour ever to be staged.”

Admission to Tate Britain is free, but special exhibitions like this have an admission fee (£12.70, certainly not cheap.)

The exhibition presents a full and fresh assessment on the history and future of watercolour painting. It aims to question our thoughts on what watercolour stands for, presenting famous and lesser-known works side by side and bringing this popular, universal and enduring medium back to the centre of our cultural heritage.

A 228-page book - catalogue with 170 colour illustrations has also been published especially for the occasion.


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